Relaxation of South Africa’s lockdown regulations has permitted certain business sectors to reopen their doors for business from 01 May 2020 in an attempt to slowly restart the country’s economy.  Under the level 4 regulations the scope of businesses allowed to operate during lockdown has been extended beyond just essential services.  As of 01 May 2020, essential service providers as well as permitted service providers need to apply for new permits on the Bizportal website in order to remain compliant and able to trade.  You can access the Bizportal website here to apply for your new permit.  For a full list of essential and permitted service providers allowed to resume business activities, visit the following website.

Further to the above requirement of the business applying for a permit to resume business activities, employers must also issue permits to their employees to enable them to travel between their place of work and place of residence in order to perform essential or permitted services.  Copies of the relevant permits for completion are also made available online.  A collection of other permits required for:

  • travel between provinces / districts,
  • travel to a site of isolation / quarantine,
  • travel to other provinces / districts for a funeral,
  • etc.,

are also made available.

By taking a phased approach to reopen the country’s economy, each level of lockdown will see more business sectors reopen and more people return to work.  But before we jump at the opportunity to to go back to work, a caveat has to be noted.  The alert level 4 lockdown regulations require employers to develop and implement a Workplace Plan in order to reopen their doors for business. The plan requires a series of new measures which must be implemented in order to protect employees from the coronavirus upon their return to work.   The regulations are effective immediately and will remain in force and effect until South Africa’s national state of disaster is called off.  The regulations include general injunctions to minimise the number of workers on a business premises at any time by means of shift rotation and remote working.  Contact between workers and members of the public also has to be minimised.  Different rules apply for small and large businesses.  For more detailed information in this regard, follow this link.

We are able to assist in drafting your Workplace Plan to ensure your business complies with the latest regulations.  Please contact us if you need assistance.


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